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Lighting design in this way is so compelling!3

Light is everywhere in our daily life.
Indoor light can be divided into natural light and artificial light
This is a simple discussion about artificial light. The color temperature unit is k, and the color change from high to low is blue, white, orange and yellow. The color temperature of the candle is about 1900k, the warm light bulb is generally about 3000k, and the grille lamp is 3900-5000k.
Personally, it is recommended that the general home lighting should be between 2700k-5000k (excluding ambient lighting)
For example, direct light from the dining table in the dining room, bedside lighting in the bedroom is recommended to be 2600-3000k, and public spaces such as the living room, reception room, etc. can be used between 2900-4000k
Functional spaces such as kitchen and toilet can be used between 4100-5000k.
Generally speaking, when we say that a space is not bright enough, we mean that Sumitomo, whose illumination is not enough, mistakenly interprets it as "I like to be bright, so I need to use white light." This understanding is relatively wrong
Because warm light and cold light can brighten the space, as long as the illumination is high.