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Our company 

Alight Optoelectronic Industry Commerce Co., LTD. Company Profile

Alight Optoelectronic Industry Commerce Co., Ltd, founded in 2006, is one of the earliest LED lighting companies in Zhongshan.During the early phase of the company, we mainly developed the packaging technology of COB LED. You should know that from 2006 to 2010, the packaging methods of white LED light were mainly DIP and SMD. It is a point light source with uneven light emission, serious glare, poor heat dissipation, low light efficiency, etc., so it can only be used in outdoor lighting. In 2008, we developed the first-generation CHIP ON BOARD package technology,this is a real COB plane light source with uniform light emission, good heat dissipation effect and high luminous efficiency. It can be fully applied to indoor lighting fixtures such as LED TUBE and LED SPOT LIGHT. It was a major innovation in lighting technology at that time.

What we do now:

Now we focus on the design and production of MOTORIZED LIGHTING, the customization of commercial lighting fixtures, and the customization of COB light sources with special lighting products. We started the design and development of MOTORIZED LIGHTING as early as 2012. This is our most advanced product. We have more than 20 independent patented technologies and are the technology leader of   MOTORIZED LIGHTING.

What can we do for you:

*If you have high requirements for light distribution of the lamps and are troubled by not being able to find the lamps that meet the requirements, we can help you professionally customize and provide you with One-stop service from environmental light distribution design, lamp design, lamp rapid proofing test and lamp production.

*If you are working on a light distribution scheme for some places with a height of more than 4 meters and need to change the illumination angle, focal length and brightness (such as museums, art museums, galleries, banquet halls, restaurants, high-end brand stores, etc.), Our Motor Lux series commercial lighting is your best choice. You can easily adjust the lighting angle, focus, dimming and color matching by holding a remote control, making everything simple.

*If you want to develop some new niche products about lighting, but you only have one concept, but you have no ability to design, proofing, testing and production, we are your best solution.

At present, our company's main business is all over the major shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, chain stores, museums, galleries and other major application places that have lighting requirements for lighting design at home and abroad. "Motor Lux" lighting series has become a star product to realize dynamic lighting.

Looking forward to the future, our company will adhere to the core concept, forge ahead, and always walk in the forefront of industry development.