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How to design the layout of office lighting?

Using multiple light sources
Many offices fall into the trap of using a single centralized ceiling light to illuminate a space. This type of lighting creates shaded areas, which are uneven and may cause a burden on the eyes. By using a separate ceiling lamp, the edges and corners will be shrouded in shadows, and replaced with multiple light sources scattered throughout the space, with different lighting positions and intensities to ensure that the entire floor of the room is illuminated.
Using hierarchical lighting
The role of hierarchical lighting is not only reflected in the embellishment and beautification of the lamp itself, but also in the organic combination of lighting equipment and indoor and outdoor decoration structures and colors. Through different lighting compositions and spatial distribution of light, different artistic effects of lighting environment can be formed.
Add embedded lights
Embedded lights can also make the space larger. Especially suitable in offices with high or low floors, as chandeliers or non recessed ceiling lights occupy vertical space, making the space appear smaller. By embedding lighting fixtures, they are directly installed inside the ceiling, walls, or other surfaces, providing more light without occupying space.
Light strip illumination
Lighting the walls and ceilings of the space can visually expand the space by illuminating its boundaries, while also making the interior more layered. The design of the light strip looks more free, agile, elegant, and imaginative.
Upward lighting
Turn the direction of the lampshade towards the ceiling, making it an indirect illumination. The light source can evenly and brightly illuminate the entire space. If other devices are used to illuminate from different directions at the same time, the profound sense of scattered light and dark can create a gentle and peaceful atmosphere.
Background lighting means adding lighting fixtures behind specific furniture or objects, such as bookcases, niches, display cabinets, screens, and other items. This creates visual depth deviation and the design looks more exquisite.
Install track lighting
Track lighting is also a lighting scheme worth studying. Track lighting can save space; Diversified applications, able to meet special or general lighting requirements; Strong mobility, which can be used to emphasize internal design features; If placed correctly, the entire space can also be bathed in light.