Remote Control Lights Motor Lux Motorized Track Lighting Spotlight 48V Low Voltage Version

AL-ML11 is our second-generation remote control lights Motor Lux motorized track lighting 48V Low Voltage Version. It’s designed in a fashion and creative style for a high ceiling area.

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Product Details

Remote Control Lights_48V track lightRemote Control Lights_48V track light

AL-ML11 is our second-generation remote control lights  Motor Lux motorized track lighting 48V Low Voltage Version. Its designed in a fashion and creative style for a high ceiling area. AL-ML11 redefined the 48V low voltage track light, provides a remote control function for the customers. Pan, tilt, dimming, and color-changing are all controlled by our developed RF system. With the 63mm wide diameter  housing , it delivers up to 1500 lumens. It is good for the banquet hall, museum, art gallery, meeting room, showroom, retail store, etc. 

Model No.:  AL-ML11

Power:  20W

Lumen output:  1500lm

Input voltage:   100~240V AC

Track Adaptor:   48V low voltage adaptor

CCT:  2700/3000/4000/5000/6000K , 2700-5000K

Beam Angle:  10° / 23° / 36 °

Housing Color:  WH / BK


Motor Lux lighting are widely used in various indoor lighting places: museums, exhibition rooms / exhibition halls, art museums, galleries, stores, shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, live broadcasting rooms, etc. even installing a set of Motor Lux lighting in a special position at home,It can make you immediately enjoy the high-end effect of dynamic lighting brought by Motor Lux lighting.

Application Cases:

Low voltage version

Power:15W CCT:2700k CRI:>90 Beam Angle:10°

 Recessed version

Beam Angle:10°