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What are scenes of application of lighting fixture?

Lighting is a measure of using various light sources to illuminate work and living spaces or individual objects. The use of the sun and sky is called "natural lighting"; The use of artificial light sources is called "artificial lighting". The primary purpose of lighting is to create good visibility and a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Lighting is the use of artificial or natural light to provide people with sufficient illumination (general lighting), or to provide good recognition (road lighting, advertising signs, etc.), emphasis on features (building lighting, key lighting, etc.), or to create a comfortable lighting environment (residential lighting, etc.), create a special atmosphere (commercial stage lighting), and other special purposes (biochemical, medical, plant cultivation).

Lighting method:

The lighting methods can be divided into general lighting, partitioned general lighting, local lighting, and mixed lighting. Its application principles should comply with the following provisions:

1. When it is not suitable to install local lighting or when using mixed lighting is unreasonable, general lighting should be used;

2. When a certain work area requires higher illumination than general lighting, partitioned general lighting can be used;

3. For places with high illumination requirements, low work location density, and unreasonable installation of general lighting alone, mixed lighting should be used.